Animated squirrel on rooftop

A long time ago in the rafters of a stable in the town of Bethlehem there lived a little squirrel named Giant. She believed she was destined to do something courageous, like guard over a king. "If I were any braver, I would have to be taller!" Giant never tired of saying and the other animals got used to hearing.

The livestock in the stable liked to put the small outsider in her place about what she thought she was capable of. Each animal described what charity they might perform for a king IRL, in real life. The camel boasted he could carry a king's treasures. The horse proclaimed she could pull a king's chariot. The ewe declared her wool could clothe a king with beautiful robes. The donkey bragged he could pack the royal firewood. Not to be outdone, the ram lamb announced that his chops could fill His Majesty's belly... but the collective laughed, "What could a squirrel possibly do for a king?"

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