Large capital letter Once on a time, before smartphone factories with nets outside beneath the windows, there lived a mouse named Tripp. She came from a long line of prestige with all the trappings of wealth, but those days were gone. The mouse was the great-granddaughter of Captain Primus, a skipper of high repute until he disappeared while circumnavigating the four quarters of the globe with a crew of animals that to the casual observer looked like a reimagining of Noah's ark; or non-alcoholism cantina scene (wicked sick if this got done for a royalty free school play. Instead of being a tree or tooth a kid could dress up as something awesome like an okapi or an aye-aye that crows, "Aye-aye!"). Usually natural enemies united by the crown jewels of their obsessive pursuit: a legendary basket and jar which presented the heart's desire of their master before they could even make a wish, and then spontaneously replenished the earthly goods over and over. A tornado over the ocean swept up the captain's ship and neither he, his assemblage of diverse recruits, nor a chip of wood from a plank of his vessel were ever seen again.

One night there was a bone chilling scratch at Tripp's door. A hooked claw slipped through the crack to pop the latch. Powdery snow drifted in small whirlwinds around the twisted silhouette of a bat framed in the entrance. The mysterious stranger scurried into the light to reveal hair as ghostly white as a dead insect bleached by the sun in a south facing window sill and smiled with broken teeth. "Brr. Dost this be the 'ouse o' Cap'n Primus' descendant?"

Animated bat appears at door

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