Old ship

Rod Cockle takes almost disproportionate pride
in presenting a concept for a new project...

> Salish Sea
> Point No Point
> 4 a.m. Aug. 26, 1914

SS Admiral Sampson embarked from Seattle for Juneau carrying 160 passengers and crew in zero visibility due to thick fog and smoke from nearby forest fires. Capt. Zirmo Moore posted extra lookouts, ordered engines slow to 3 knots with ship whistles sounding at frequent intervals. But in the shipping lanes Canadian luxury liner, the SS Princess Victoria bound for Seattle collided with the passenger and cargo steamer. A 12-foot gash along the Sampson's steel hull immediately flooded inside. Large containers of fuel oil burst into flames. Capt. Zirmo sawed ropes with his pocketknife to lower a lifeboat before he went down with the ship; which was built back when America actually made stuff, like good solid doors that could still float supporting the weight of two people. In just minutes the SS Admiral Sampson sank beneath the surface. 4 other members of the crew and 11 passengers also perished. The Princess Victoria reached Pier 1 in Seattle at 10 a.m. with a 3-foot hole just above the waterline 20 feet from her bow.

> 1991

Divers using sonar discover the wreck of the SS Admiral Sampson at a depth of 320 feet. Her hull in 2 pieces. Rumors of a diamond necklace of great price locked in the purser's safe along with a suitcase full of gold taunt treasure hunters, but remain unfound.

> Now, or so

Myrlie had a legal cannabis farm to help people bypass big pharma for pain suppression. Then, Myrlie's favorite aunt Mags -- hit by a car with a driver under the influence. Soured Myrlie on the whole people thing. In a "save your crying for your pillow" move, you'll see when you get to know her, she starts a vertical garden of cockles, seaweeds in the ocean... a sustainable blue harvest of the future because there are no seeds, feeds, fertilizer, or fresh water required.

While clearing out ghost nets the workaholic inner space cowgirl and her friend, a 20-foot plus long bluntnose sixgill shark discover a passageway to Theia, the remains deep inside our planet of a Mars-sized celestial body that collided with the infant Earth causing collateral damage which formed the Moon.

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