HeartCockle is the dream realization of storymaker Rod Cockle

heartcockle studio

[hahrt-kok-uhl stoo-dee-oh]

noun, plural:
[hahrt-kok-uhl-land-erz] also [hahrt-eez]

1. Exoskeleton armored shell.
2. Literally the shape of love.
3. Core of one's being. Used in the phrase warm the cockles of the heart.

Cockleshell in palm

Name's the game, people, and it will pay you to look for the brand HeartCockle. M'kay, once upon a time there was an artist with a funny sounding surname like the marine bivalve mollusk, and pops up in an old nursery rhyme. The purpose/vision of his studio: to make guests feel as if they're beachgoers on a stretch of unspoiled seaside in their mind's eye, with each story becoming a new favorite cockleshell to keep in their heart of hearts. Open your eyes in three, two, one you're back in the clamily room.

You'll be hard pressed to find more free family fun than right here at heartcockle.com

All mollusks sporting a calcareous shell, even the land snail, have what it takes to create some sort of pearl. Amazing that a living creature can take an irritant and transform it into a gemstone, innut? HeartCockle Releases raises the curtain for visitors in continents around the globe via their two-way digital media transceivers for free. The next-generation zero carbon footprint entertainment studio has one job -- to spark imaginations with the transportive power of stories. It goes without saying that what I love most about this ebullient hard yesness is greeting households throughout the world stage all at once with a heartfelt outside voice: Welcome, HeartCockle-landers!

Open day and night

"This contrivance of his did inwardly rejoice the
cockles of his heart." - John Eachard, 1671

Come explore the carbon neutral entertainment studio

My rainbow-chasing synthesis of the arts is hand touched in the simplest sense of the word. From the nascent sky's the limit, dreaming in colors you can taste part of the story realization process, it's magical energy to workshop ideas utilizing a tech-driven, move over Tinseltown, direct-to-visitor model dot-com thing which allows the goods to be delivered instantly worldwide all Santa-ish.

Storyboards for The Blue-Lines Socks

"Maybe it's the Zoobaybays talking, but wow."

Fun for all

This independent, designed sans committee, worthwhile form of communication allows the show to be dreamed into reality and then flow in new direction by warm and cold wind currents that blow within me, even grow in the dark, changing in time like when you wander a familiar trail's ecosystem of meandering paths and winding streams to discover it is cast differently due to transitional weather, a tree that toppled when no one was around has become a nurse log, springtime cottonwood fluff falls like snow -- you see where I'm going here... and it's undistilled joy to find how themes of the stories intertwine synergistically to reinforce each other.

Cartoon characters come to life at HeartCockle Entertainment

"... because it sounded cool when I made it
up and even cooler when I said it out loud."

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Imagination seekers everywhere are invited to pack together family-style in this "life's a beach" open door house party and explore the outer reaches of the cosmos, journey throughout time, search for hidden treasure, embark on heroic quests in this unforgettable destination; and most of all to have a heartwarming experience that brings a smile.

Entertainment for all kinds of families

"An expedition ... which would have delighted the very
cockles of your heart." - Sir Walter Scott, 1792

High-quality entertainment for families

This self-published proof of concept pressies unlimited access to visual storytelling resources for educators and students in distant corners of the planet every day of the year. The continually operating amusement enterprise offering free lifetime membership has been included in programs which teach and reinforce literacy skills to students with reading difficulties, a foster care program for reading comprehension, and a project that brought art to children at hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. Petals and Her Paintbrush participated in a program in which police officers give stuffed animals to comfort kids in distress.

Original family-friendly productions for free

Stories that light up hearts with a certain magic

We are located in Lynnwood, Washington

There is no firewall between me and this innovative space. I don't carve out time to work on it. Over time I have found this ideation is the way I define my nature in that joyful days are a guiding light to weave into the storycraft, just as in dificult circumstances I still turn to the material to reflect on what is meaningful to me. It is cathartic, a balm to be able to communicate these observations about life filtered through a prism of fantasy occasionally fueled by a late-night snack (I'm looking at you frozen sleeve of peanut butter Tagalongs), worth it to achieve an elusive early morning clarity creating what feels like a fun conversation with cups tied on a string within this online community, village really, in a stream of consciousness as fast as inspiration strikes with fused sentences -- sewn together with dashes, rivets of colons, bolted by commas, ellipses, whatever...

Heart-shaped cockleshell behind the studio logo

And you never know when an unexpected moment will present itself like one time pulling a pan of puffy Dutch Babies out of the oven it just seemed right to be the volcanic landscape of a comet for a starship to land and kablam, that happened.

Dutch Baby Recipe

- Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

- Put 4 tablespoons butter in a 9 by 13 inch glass baking dish and place in the oven.

- Mix 6 eggs in blender for 1 minute.

- Add 1 1/2 cups milk, 1 1/2 cups flour, and 1 teaspoon salt, and mix for 30 seconds.

- Pour into heated baking dish.

- Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Stylized lettering of entertainment studio: Heart Cockle

The lean homespun startup, cool father-sons project, will continue to cherish providing opportunities for netizens to gather in fun, captivating ways wherever they are by developing a signature spirit of reboant stories which celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion with all the feels; and especially for those who are young at heart.

Independent entertainment production studio

"I have just had the innermost cockles of my
heart rejoiced ... " - Charles Darwin, 1858

Welcome to this open door house party where everyone's invited

Simply put, I've just needed this shell company to exist. The elevating content that is a hallmark of HeartCockle.com is completely free for everyone to share again and again in stark contrast to the hard lessons of how this dumpster fire world never gives it a rest. We work with the tools at hand, right? All the more striving to invent new ones in order to uplift and better lives around us. The intent is to envision a wealth of lifelong endearing memories and seedbed fruit bearing dreams within dreams for the future. Sorry, got kind of deep there, not even sure if we're still talking about the site.

Be well, hearties,

Rod Cockle (like the heart-shaped seashell... see what I did there? Plus, if you squint just right the configuration resembles folded angel wings. Just saying.)

Seashore shell

"A cheerful heart is good medicine ... " - Proverbs 17:22

Free family entertainment

"... figured I'd crash here a bit."

Goonies rock

Shellutations from the Cockles


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